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Who runs the EMCC?

EMCC: Management Structure

The East Melbourne Childcare Co-operative is a registered Co-operative under the Co-operatives Act and has its own Constitution. EMCC is sponsored by the Melbourne City Council, and all our families, East Melbourne residents and centre staff are encouraged to become members.


EMCC Committee of Management

The Committee of Management is made up of 10 people, seven of whom are parents elected by the members of the Co-operative, plus the Executive Director as a nominated. The two Centre Managers are ex officio members on the Committee.


Among the responsibilities and duties of the Committee of Management are the development of policies, the planning of budgets, the management of financial matters and the appointment of staff.

Committee of Management meetings are held monthly. And our Annual General meeting is held late in the year at which time new members are appointed to the Committee of Management.


EMCC Sub-Committees

Sub-Committees support the Committee of Management by focussing on particular aspects of the centre (for example, Finance, Equipment and Programming, Fund Raising and Social, Building and Maintenance).


These groups, made up of parents and staff, consider the various aspects of the centre’s management and make recommendations to the Committee of Management, as well as carrying out many of the tasks involved in the general running of the centres.


The subcommittees are:


  • Policy: This group make recommendations to the Committee of Management regarding policies on all aspects of the Co-operative

  • RAP: Reconciliation Action Plan. This is a formal statement of commitment to reconciliation. To join our RAP working group go to the Narragunnawali website and click on create or join a RAP the group is responcible for implementing initiatives set out in the RAP. 
  • Finance: This group make recommendations to the Committee of Management regarding fee structures, budgeting and other financial matters.

  • Building and Maintenance: This group is responsible for organising the General Maintenance and Health and Safety of the centre grounds and buildings.

  • Social and Fundraising: Although partly funded by the State Government, we are always in need of money to finance improvements to the facilities of the centres and to purchase essential items of equipment to maintain our high level of educational and play experiences for the children. This Sub-Committee’s function is to raise money via fund-raising drives, and to plan social events. And we always need cakes for our cake stalls!