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Policy Document

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Grievance Procedure


Grievance Procedure & Problem Solving

From time to time, unforseen issues may arise and we believe the best way to deal with them is when the issue first arises. We would encourage you, the parent, to approach us at any time to discuss any concerns you have about our centres, our staff and our general operations.


Our centres function best when we have mutual co-operation and input from all our staff, parents and management. The ongoing high standards of our centres can only be achieved through consultative and collaborative processes – so we welcome your feedback, your criticisms, your endorsements, and your opinions at any time. Please feel free to make appointments with any of our staff to discuss your concerns and we will endeavour to resolve any issues you may have.


What should you do if you have a problem/concern?

For any parent who has concerns about their child’s welfare, about a particular incident or interaction with another child, or about a problem they perceive to exist within the centre, you are encouraged to proceed with the following steps:


  1. Approach the relevant room staff or the Program Co-ordinator and discuss the problem. Work together to come up with a viable solution, and conduct a follow-up meeting to ensure a satisfactory outcome has been achieved.
  2. If there is no satisfactory outcome in the above instance, please approach the Centre Manager and outline your concerns, and evaluate why a satisfactory outcome was not achieved in the first instance. Work together to implement a new solution.
  3. If the above two methods have not met your satisfaction and the issue has still not been resolved, you may write to the Committee of Management or attend a Committee of Management Meeting to formally outline your grievance for consideration, and appropriate action will be taken to resolve the matter.
  4. If there is still no satisfactory outcome, please contact the Department Education and Early Childhood Development - Western Metropolitan Region at 71 Morland Street, Footscray, PO Box 224, Footscray Victoria 3011, or phone (03) 9275 7000.