Quality and affordable care for your child in leafy East Melbourne.

How Can I Help?

The EMCC thrives because it has:

  • excellent staff who make sure the children enjoy themselves, and actively learn
  • good leadership
  • active support from parents and the local community


Have a look at the 'get involved' page.


Help and expertise in fundraising is always gratefully received.


We want all of our parents to be involved in our centres in some small way. Remember, it is your child’s centre! the best way to make a positive change to things is to become involved!


In parent-run centres such as ours, active involvement of all parents is welcome and indeed necessary – we could not achieve our high levels of quality across all areas and in the care the children receive without the continued support and commitment of our parents, who give generously of their time and knowledge in order for our committees to function.


Parental participation is essential to keeping centres functional, and to ensuring the services we offer accurately reflect the community’s needs. And it is, of course, imperative that all parents using the centre feel that they have an equal say in how the centre is run and in the formulation of its policies.


Parental involvement is also important to the children who like to feel their family is part of their centre.


Joining an EMCC Children’s Centre means making a small commitment to the centre in whichever way you are capable. We understand that parents of small children are often time-starved, but any one of the staff or management will be able to talk with you in detail about the many ways in which you can make a contribution to the centre. You may be surprised at what a difference you can make.


We encourage you to join one of our Sub-Committees

The following Sub-Committees are always looking enthusiastic new members from the parents. (Each committee only requires a small amount of your time and helps our centres run at their best in the way that you want)


  • Building and Maintenance: This group is responsible for organising the General Maintenance and Health and Safety of the centre grounds and buildings.
  • Social and Fundraising: Although partly funded by the State Government, we are always in need of money to finance improvements to the facilities of the centres and to purchase essential items of equipment to maintain our high level of educational and play experiences for the children. This Sub-Committee’s function is to raise money via fund-raising drives, and to plan social events.
  • Occasional Sub-Committee: Groups are formed from time to time to deal with short-term projects. They exist only for the period deemed necessary to achieve the short-term goals of that particular project.