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Meal times and the preparation of food are seen as valuable social and learning experiences and are therefore given an important place in the centres.


Children often help to make their own food, such as buttering bread, cutting up vegetables and so on.


We are very conscious of the nutritional value of whole grain foods, and fresh fruit and vegetables and incorporate these into the diet as much as possible. No salt is added to food.


Due to high allergies to nuts in some children, EMCC will not use nuts in their cooking; however, some pre-packaged goods may contain traces of nuts. A Food Allergies Request form will be displayed in all Rooms, the office and the Kitchen to ensure children do not receive the food they are allergic to or not allowed to eat.


Please let us know if your child is allergic to any particular types of food or if your child is not allowed to have certain foods due to religious or cultural beliefs.